We spend a great deal of time reviewing lab results and history forms before we ever see patient, a good reason why you should fill your forms appropriately before appointment.

During your initial consult, we will review your symptoms, medical history, and lab results in depth with you.

Prescriptions, supplements, nutrition and other recommendations will be discussed. You will have time to ask questions as well.

Seventy-five minutes is reserved for your initial consultation. We are punctual, so be ready for your appointment before the scheduled time.

We will work with you to establish an initial treatment plan tailored specifically for you.

Ongoing adjustments to your treatment plan and other issues that may arise will be addressed in follow-up consults.

In addition, a copy of your visit summary, treatment plan, lab results, and invoice from your consultation with Dr. Seyi Absolute Wellness will be made available to you in your patient portal for your records.


After your initial consultation with Dr. Seyi is completed, you will be scheduled for a follow up consultation in order to evaluate your initial response to the treatment plan, and for making any adjustments to prescriptions and supplements as needed.

A follow up at this point is important to ensure we provides a more rapid and personalized improvement of symptoms.

Frequent follow up is also important after your initial consultation. Focused laboratory studies to track your progress will be performed for this and all subsequent consults.

After this, consults will be scheduled every four months or as needed to monitor your symptoms and progress. It is important to note that as a patient, your compliance with a treatment regimen will directly affect if you will move out to six-month scheduling meaning it is important you abide by every instruction that comes with your treatment plan.

If at any point, during your treatment you want to schedule a follow up visit, please call our office.


We select pharmaceutical grade supplements as part of our recommendations. Pharmaceutical or professional grade supplements are only available under the supervision of a health care provider.

We have partnered with dispensary of professional grade supplements that offers fresh, high quality products.

Functional Medicine Testing

I often recommend advanced functional tests that your conventional doctor won’t order or understand how to interpret. They are worth every penny. These are part of my comprehensive program to reclaiming your health.
Here are some of the tests we might recommend…

  • Advanced stool testing (GI Map with Zonulin) – This is to see what is living in your gut and “running the show” called your gut microbiome, and also gives us details of how your digestive system is functioning. You can find out if you have increased intestinal permeability, aka “leaky gut”, which is often a root cause issue of systemic inflammation and diseases such as autoimmune, hypertension, mood disorders,
    hormone imbalance, and more.
  • Detailed hormone testing (DUTCH Complete) for your sex hormone metabolites, and 24-hour saliva cortisol pattern (DUTCH Plus).
  • Food Sensitivity Testing.
  • Testing for things such as heavy metals


We will be happy to consult with you, but not replace, other physicians or providers such as your internist, gynecologist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist, oncologist or other specialty care provider.   

We always encourage you to speak with and consider the advice of your other providers.

We require that you maintain a relationship with an outside primary care physician to provide emergency and urgent care services.

We do not admit patients to the hospital or treat hospitalized patients. If you encounter a medical emergency and are not able to obtain care from your primary care physician, you will need to report to the nearest hospital emergency department as appropriate.

We will be honored to guide you on your journey back to health!

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