We take consultation seriously. For all our services, there is an initial consultation.

How We Work


Book an appointment by making payment via the link.

  • A form will be sent to you to fill.
  • A consultant will be assigned to you.
  • A time will be scheduled to speak with you


You have access to the doctor for consultation

  • You will be advised to run their labs


Complete cleanse to prepare the body for treatment + follow up.


Treatment/rejuvenation + follow up



What is The Consultation Fee?

Consultation fee is
N100, 000 only.

This is not what our consultation is about

  • Consultation fee is not for treatments. It only gives you access to the Doctor who will listen, discuss, diagnose what exactly is wrong and create a plan for the health need.
  • Consultation fee does not include payment for the medications or tests.
  • Consultation is not a treatment phrase or an avenue for the doctor to conduct treatments.

Our Consultation Packages

With over 11 years in practice we understand our patients needs and demands and that has made us to structure consultation packages in 3 phases that will give you the satisfaction you deserve.

First Phase Consultation

This is the initial consultation that gives you access to the doctor and we advise you what to do next. These also include diagnosis, labs recommendation, and initial treatment.



Second Phase Consultation

You have conducted the initial consultation and the next procedures may still involve diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan working with labs report and assessment made during consultation.
Stage 1 +2 = NGN100, 000

Follow Up

30mins Follow up = NGN 40,000
15mins Follow up = NGN 20,000

Follow up allows you have a one on one access to Dr.Seyi and your prescriptions, symptoms can be review.

Personalized Care Phase

This phase involves phase 1 and 2, allows Dr. Seyi to work with you all through your treatments. These stages involves consultation, diagnosis, labs recommendation, and follow up, treatment plan, guidance /monitoring with Health Coach and 1:1 with Dr. Seyi for accountability. Our goal is your optimal health and we will work with you one on one to help you achieve your health goal. We would ensure you put into practice what you must to do to help you regain your health. Dr. Seyi refers to this as spoon-feeding care.


  • I will work with you to create a process that helps you to be accountable for achieving your goals.
  • You will gain awareness and clarity to your health condition and how to resolve it.
  • I will help you identify lifestyle challenges that could be a barrier to your progress.
  • I will help you create new positive habits that will support your health.

1 month personalized care – NGN 250,000
2 month personalized care – NGN 400,000
3 month personalized care – NGN 550,000
6 month personalized care – NGN 1,200,000
12 month personalized care – NGN 2,000,000

What Makes Us Unique

1. At Dr. Seyi Absolute Wellness, we focus not merely on treating disease, but also on addressing the cause of diseases. Disease is far easier to prevent than to treat.

2. We firmly believe that disease prevention is not only more effective but also significantly easier than treating established illnesses.

3. Unlike traditional medicine that focuses solely on treating diseases once they manifest, we believe in empowering you to take control of your health and embrace a wellness-based, preventive model.

4. In our clinic, we will never dismiss any of your symptoms, your concerns or your theories about what may be making you unwell.

5. You have our listening ears and you have the time to make us they need so that we can really understand your whole story.

6. We detecting signs and symptoms of disease processes as early as possible, we work together to prevent the onset of debilitating conditions.

7. We will never tell you to come off your medical prescriptions abruptly, However, many of our patients are able in time to come off their prescribed medications for hormone imbalance, blood pressure, diabetes, pain relief and immune-suppression after undergoing 3-6 months of treatment using dietary and lifestyle interventions with us in clinic.

8. It is important that you remain on your prescription medications before attending the clinic, as coming off them without proper alternative treatment in place or without medical guidance, may lead to further harm to your health.

9. Throughout your treatment, you will spend dedicated time with your assigned health and nutritional coach supporting you in making the changes that will take you towards optimal health and working on the root cause of your health challenges.

We are committed to guiding you on your journey to lasting health and vitality.
Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the highest level of care and personalized attention to every individual who walks through our doors.