Does Trauma Affect Your Healing Process?

Experiencing trauma can have a significant impact on the healing process of an individual even in the total well-being of an individual.

Trauma can lead to increased levels of stress ,which in turn can weaken the immune system,  making it harder for the body to recover from injuries and illnesses.

Trauma can affect the mental and emotional well-being of a person leading to depression ,sadness, anger and anxiety.

Healing is a gradual process and differs from one person to the other. While some have bottled it up over the years and are not ready to speak about it, some are beginning to have the courage to speak about it.

People are hurt and need healing. It becomes intense if the person is suffering from a health issue and the illness is connected to a trauma he/she has experienced or is experiencing.

One of such examples is pelvic inflammatory disease also called PID,pelvic infection. This disease is spread mostly by sexual contact. People with multiple partners often contract this infection.

The person who has contracted this disease may find it challenging to heal completely( emotionally and otherwise) because he/she still finds themselves stuck with the memories of the incident and the circumstances that led to the health challenge they are currently facing.

Another common example is Rape. Rape can affect the way a woman feels about sex even in marriage. It changes the way she perceives relationships, marriage and love life. Rape itself cause anxiety, fear, isolation, panic attacks, anger and so much more

What can be done in such a case?

Healing comes with time and appropriate steps.

1.Awareness: It is important for us to begin to know how important healing is and how necessary healing  will sharpen our mental state and improve our lives in general. 

2.For complete healing in health, and mind, one has to learn to forgive oneself on a continuous basis and forgive one’s partner as well.

3.Seek help from a health professional and talk about it

4. Treat the illness and find solutions to the health challenge.

5.Give your pain a new meaning and look at the bright side of life.

Trauma is such an unfriendly mental state that naturally withdraws you from that joyful and unique self and limits your ability to communicate effectively.

Collectively, It is necessary for religious leaders,  parents, health professionals and teachers to create awareness about the effects of emotional trauma and the need for healing for a better relationship and society.

As a doctor, my goal has been to help patients balance their health, mind and emotional levels to achieve complete wellness. We did this in 2023,where we treated over 100 cases of pelvic infections using our fast selling product “Curbinfect” 

Total healing connects to the mind, body and soul and undoubtedly, I always acknowledge that God is the ultimate healer.

For anyone going through one trauma or the other, I pray you get your total healing 🙏