As a wellness center, this report is a significant milestone of our work at  Dr Seyi Absolute Wellness.Providing affordable healthcare services and assessing our efforts through impact is a key part of our organization strategy.

As a data-driven wellness organization, we believe data is life and it rules the world and so there is a need to document our progress as we make a change in the society..

Over the years, we have designated our services to serve women and men who are battling with known and unknown illnesses that have significantly reduced their quality of life.

Our processes are result driven and as such clients who undergo and complete their medication and treatments always get results.

We have grouped our impact reports into 4 top healthcare services.

Education and Awareness: More than 10,000 women and men across Nigeria have benefitted from our free webinars, tips and content. This has sharpened the way they prioritize their health.

1,176 Pregnancies and babies-  In this area, our results are intertwined as patients with sexual health issues can now perform during sexual intercourse that lead to pregnancy. We recorded 1,176 pregnancies from women who could not conceive before they approached us.

178 Weight Loss: Losing weight is a life changing  journey and there have been massive attempts to reduce weight by women. However, out of the women that came through to us in 2023, we recorded 178 weight loss testimonials. Surprisingly, weight gain has an underlying tone to other health issues in the body they never knew existed.

686 Acid reflux Treated: Acid reflux is a common digestive health disease where patients are likely to  experience heartburn,dry cough, chronic sore throat,bloating,burping among other related health issues with the throat or esophagus.Through our clarity sessions, clients are able to detect what was wrong and took actions. In 2023, 686 acid reflux health challenges were healed at Dr Seyi Absolute Wellness.

This report indicated a significant focus on maternal health through pregnancies and babies as well as an emphasis on gut health and weight loss goals. We have been able to improve the mental health of these clients by providing lasting solutions to their health challenges.  All our remarkable accomplishments in 2023 have a role to play in our weekly and monthly awareness programmes.