Meet Dr Aruleba


Oluwaseyi Aruleba, M.D. specializes in obesity, gut health, hormones health, preventive medicine and wellness all over Nigeria and abroad. She helps her clients find relief from symptoms of aging, digestive difficulty, adrenal dysfunction etc.

Dr Aruleba is the brain behind the miracle in a bottle “Curbinfect” which has helped thousands of women get pregnant and save them from pelvic inflammatory disease.

Dr Seyi Absolute Wellness was born out of her love for preventive and holistic medicine. She believes in a form of healing that considers the whole body( Body, Mind , Spirit and Emotion) .

Her integrative approach allows time with the client for attentive listening, holistic care and tailored treatments by integrating stress reduction with proper nutrition and supplementation, She helps men and women increase their quality of life.

Dr. Aruleba strong believes that by providing the body with the tools and environment it needs, you allow and encourage the body to heal itself. She believes everyone should be treated as an individual because we are all different and should be treated as such.

Dr. Aruleba earned her Doctor of Medicine from Windsor University School of Medicine in 2010. She is an active member of the South Africa Society of Integrative Medicine and the institute for functional medicine, USA.

She incorporates the best diagnostic tools and technologies from conventional medicine, as well as emerging tools and tests that help her identify the critical imbalances that are the root cause of disease to help treat the whole system not just the symptoms.


-Botanical Medicine
-Weight Loss
-Nutritional Deficiencies
-Mechanisms of Aging
-Antiinflammatory Diet / Integrative Nutrition
-Mental Health/Mind Body Medicine
-Herbal Pharmacology
-Cardiovascular Health
-Breast Cancer Prevention
-Digestive Health Dysfunction
-Integrative approach to Hormonal Disorders
– Blood Sugar Balance
– Pain Medicine
-Aromatherapy & Essential oils
– Low Level Laser Therapy for pain management and healing.


– Functional Approach to Digestive Health Dysfunction
– Clinical Assessment and Diet Evaluation
– Lowering Toxic Body Burden
– Functional Approaches to Cardiometabolic Disease
– Functional Approach to Adrenal and Thyroid Dysfunction
– Functional Approach to Testosterone Deficiency in Men
-Functional Approach to Women’s Hormones Disorder
– Functional Approach to Mitochondrial Disorders and Energy Metabolism
– Clinical Integration of Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Change