Prioritizing Self Care: Balancing Motherhood and Personal Well-being

Self care is a continuous health practice and lifestyle of every individual towards their health. To me, it is my power language that keeps me in check both physically and emotionally.

As women, we have a lot of responsibilities in the home and in our careers and as such, self care should be an integral part of our personal investment and a way to appreciate ourselves for being super women. The woman body is so unique and beautiful that it responds positively to intentional care.

Most women have been able to crack this nut and have found happiness and fulfillment in their health journey while some have not been able to. We often tend to neglect our bodies and the care and are overly overwhelmed with activities about taking care of the home and family.

As much as we are superwomen and incredible at what we do, there is a place for the body to rest. You are not lazy or weak. It is a self care routine. Motherhood is overly demanding and rewarding. For you to enjoy the rewards of your labor, you have to begin now to take care of yourself.

Personal well being is  incorporated  into 5 wellness programs that includes physical well being, emotional ,social, intellectual and spiritual. The combination of these make one a fulfilled woman and mother.

How do you prioritize self-care during the remarkable journey called motherhood?

As we nurture, provide a safe and loving environment for your children and family, ensure you are also in good health in mind and body. These points will help you to well balance personal care and motherhood for results.

Go for regular checks and medical assessment: Health awareness is a powerful tool to personal wellbeing. Medical checks give you an overview of your health and make you respond accordingly and in time.

Write down activities you enjoy doing that will keep your body at a resting stage.This could be a hobby or just be creative. These activities can totally improve your  happiness and state of the mind.

Engage in exercise to keep you in shape. When you are fit you look more attractive and it boosts your sex life. In my line of practice, I have found out that excessive weight gain leads to other health challenges that you never knew existed.

Body treatments and spa. If I were to write an essay on special moments of my life.

One on my top list will be my spa date experiences.It is an escape from the bustling noise of the streets, the regular routine, my  business calendar schedules and daily engagements.

I saw a quote some years ago that changed my perspective on life and the way I treat my body.

 “Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love”. I highly recommend this at least 3 times in two months.

Dress well and look good:  Looking good improves your mood and your confidence. Wear clothes you are highly comfortable in and develop a personal style for yourself because you are a growing brand. As a stay at home mum, you should endeavor to look elegant and fresh all the time.

Get enough sleep: I understand the nighttime is really not a good time to sleep for some new mums. However, I encourage you to always find time within the day or immediately your babies are asleep to have quality sleep.

Get Support: You can not do motherhood alone. You should be healthy for the people you are taking care of. Learn to delegate duties, ask for help. I will recommend you get help, a nanny or someone who can help you take care of other things while you focus on others. And if you are a career mum, you will need all the help you can get to balance up career and home affairs.

Surround yourself with positive people: Join  women communities that are solely on positive and healthy living. Don’t do life alone.

Reward yourself: Everyone has goals and ambitions, as you hit them,reward yourself however you feel it will make you happy.

Personal well-being is assessed through your quality of life. At the end of each year, you have a duty to tick your wellness boxes to show how good and satisfactory your personal wellbeing has been.