Need a date? Now is the time. With DR. SEYI DATE SYRUP, you have a perfect replacement for processed sugar with a sweet taste that’s far more pleasurable than sugar. And yes, Date syrup is healthy for people of all ages with no side effects

Taste and see that Date syrup is good for your health

Date syrup is a perfect replacement for sugar as it is a natural source of sweetener that has less sugar than even honey. It’s the best form of sugar you can get that’s packed with natural ingredients

And it’s not refined from any other products apart from the DATE fruit

The health benefits of date syrup are far better than that of brown and white sugar combined

Date with your Date syrup every day will improve your overall health beyond your imagination

Add it to your diet today and start reaping the befits this natural fruit has to offer

Date syrup benefits

  • Improves your immune system because it’s rich in antioxidants
  • Increases libido as a result of its many nutrients
  • Helps in improving digestion
  • Gives high energy to keep you going all day long
  • Supports stronger bones
  • Good for a glowing skin
  • Has no cholesterol

Uses of Date Syrup

  1. Perfect sweetener for baking
  2. Added to coffee, tea, and other beverage drinks
  3. Great additive to baby food
  4. Can be taken like honey in the morning to spark your day with energy

You can never get it wrong with date Dr. Seyi Date syrup when it comes to getting a good taste and a healthy diet for your body

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