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I am Dr. Seyi Adebayo, a medical doctor from the Windsor University School of Medicine, St Kitts and Nevis. I am a Certified Integrative and Functional Medicine Specialist from the institute of functional medicine. I regard myself as a modern day woman herbalist because I understand and know how to use and combine Africa herbs to solve several illnesses. I am the brain behind Curbinfect, an herbal drink that has helped over 3,000 women and men to resolve reproductive related issues.

I am passionate about holistic, integrative and personalized care and I take special interest in women’s reproductive health, sexual wellness, gut health, beauty/anti-aging and weight management.

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I started integrative and functional medicine clinic in 2019 with the aim of educating and giving individuals the right tools to prevent, take control and improve their health through diet and lifestyle changes, alongside traditional medical care where required. This same approach of medicine improved my health and helped me prevent the use of conventional hormone replacement therapy which would have made my health situation worse.

I had my own share of health challenges that was associated with hormone imbalance weight gain, heavy menstruation with chunky blood clots, irregular menstruation, bleeding for more than two weeks, inability to sleep, acne, excessive tiredness and occasional mood swings. I was driven to explore root causes and look for potential ways to reverse and restore optimal health and vitality and I found more ways than one.

These boosted my confidence and believe in integrative and functional medicine and since then I have used it to help other women in similar conditions.

I am determined to make significant impact in healthcare and acquire more knowledge to solve new and existing health challenges and as a commitment to continuous learning, I completed certification in Integrative medicine, Bioidentical replacement therapy, Genetic testing, applying functional medicine in clinical practice, Weight management/Body contouring, Basic and Advanced Aesthetics Medicine and still many in my pipeline.


I have also pursued studies in Integrative, Functional and Aesthetics Medicine in the United States and United Kingdom. Through these transformative experiences, I discovered the potential for a more holistic approach to well-being.


As an expert in understanding the role of hormones and body in achieving optimal health, I am well positioned to help women with reproductive/hormonal disorders, fertility issues, peri or menopausal issues, hormonal replacement, sexual health, digestive and weight issues.